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QuickTechie Learning Resources is part of QuickTechie Technical Team Member. We have been working as part of HadoopExam which was started in 2012 with a single training & certification for Hadoop. That became so popular successful that for a year we focused only on this one product. Then later HadoopExam entered in another popular tech world AWS Cloud Computing, again there was a huge success. Since, then we have not looked back and continuously our portfolio of training & certification is keep increasing. We have a dedicated inhouse technical team, which does market research and bring up new products. HadoopExam main focus is around below products.

  1. Self-Paced Trainings
  2. Instructor Led Trainings
  3. Certification Preparation Materials
  4. eBook & print book publishing

As you are aware, technology is the life blood of every industry and no industry can survive without information technology solutions. Hence, there is continuous innovation towards the technology solutions. To keep up to the speed, HadoopExam works with external author/trainer to bring in advanced learning solutions in the market as soon as possible. This is an opportunity for you as well and you can provide any of the above 4 solutions for the technology you are expert and make an extra earning which has no limitations on earning potential. 

Why to become an instructor or/and Author for HadoopExam?

  • Industry Expert: You will get a recognition as an industry expert.
  • Enhance your career: To teach something, you must be an expert in that. Hence, first you become an expert in a specific technology, which would certainly help you in your career. 
  • Revenue Sharing: Earn an extra income which does not have any limitation. More you teach/write, more you will earn.

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Apache Spark Professional 3.x | Hands On 10-06-2022
CDP-0011: Cloudera Generalist Certification Exam 10-06-2022
Cloudera Data Platform 10-06-2022
Cloudera: CDP Administrator - Private Cloud Base Exam : CDP-2001 11-06-2022
Cloudera CDP Data Developer Certification Exam : CDP-3001 11-06-2022
Datastax® Apache Cassandra™ 3.x Developer Associate Certification Exam 12-06-2022
A00-231 :SAS Certified Specialist 17-06-2022
A00-232 :SAS® Certified Professional: Advanced Programming Using SAS® 17-06-2022
AWS-SAA-C02: AWS Solution Architect Associate Certifications 17-06-2022
Software Architecture : Domain Driven Design 20-08-2022
Cloudera CDP and Apache Phoenix : A Quick Book 31-08-2022
Apache Spark Fundamentals and CookBook 31-08-2022
PySpark Fundamental Concepts and Hands On Exercises 31-08-2022
SAS Base Interview Questions 31-08-2022
Annual Subscription 31-08-2022
Cloudera CDP Data Analyst Certification Exam : CDP-4001 11-06-2022
Cloudera Generalist Certification (CDP-0011): Study Guide(eBooks) 19-11-2022
Google Cloud Professional Architect 09-12-2022
Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate 12-02-2023
DataStax K8ssandra Certification : Associate Level 27-05-2023
Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate Certification 02-07-2023
Databricks® Certified Machine Learning Associate Certification Exam 08-07-2023
Databricks Certified Machine Learning Professional 30-07-2023
SnowPro® Advanced Architect Certification 19-08-2023
AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty Certification Exam 19-08-2023
AWS Certified Database - Specialty 25-08-2023
Python Software Developer Mock Interview 17-11-2023
Data Scientist Mock Interview 17-11-2023
Amazon: AWS Solution Architect Interview Preparation (300+ QA) 17-11-2023
JP Morgan : Java Full Stack Interview Preparation 17-11-2023
Python Software Developer Interview Questions (1500+ QA) 17-11-2023
Java Full Stack Developer (1100+ QA) 17-11-2023
Angular Software Developer Interview (300+ QA) 17-11-2023
ServiceNow® Certified Application Developer (CAD) 14-08-2023
ServiceNow® Certified System Administrator (CSA) 14-08-2023
Cloudera CDP Data Engineer Certification: CDP-3002 11-06-2022
CDP Machine Learning Engineer Exam Guide CDP-6001 11-06-2022
CDP Administrator - Public Cloud Certification Exam CDP-5001 11-06-2022
Cloudera CDP Data Operator Exam Certification: CDP-3003 11-06-2022
dbt Cloud Administrator Certification Exam 11-06-2022
dbt Analytics Engineering Certification Exam 11-06-2022
DBT (Data Build Tools) Fundamentais 11-06-2022
Monthly Subscription 31-08-2022
AWS Certified Security - Specialty (SCS-C02) 11-06-2022
AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty (ANS-C01) Exam 11-06-2022
AWS Certified Data Engineer - Associate (DEA-C01) Exam 11-06-2022

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