Question 1: You are working in a company named Acmeshell Inc. as an Oracle Cloud IaaS specialist. You are in the middle of migrating some in-house solution to Oracle cloud. You have uploaded 5 TB of data and some configurations files in Oracle Object Storage and deleted it from the in-house storage. Now, you need this data in both Oracle cloud as well as in your in-house system. What you need to do to access this data, which is you have uploaded in Oracle storage cloud from both Oracle cloud as well as outside Oracle cloud?

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A.      You can access it inside Oracle cloud, but not outside Oracle cloud.

B.      You need internet connection to access this uploaded data.

C.      You need to know, Object storage endpoint.

D.      You must have permissions to access uploaded data.

E.       You need to have created site-to-site VPN connection between in-house as well as Oracle cloud.

Ans: B, C, D

Exp: You can access the uploaded data to Oracle Storage from anywhere, if you

-          Have permissions to access these data.

-          You need to have internet connection

-          You need to know, the Object storage endpoint.

About Oracle Storage Service:

-          It can store unlimited amount of unstructured data of any kind, type, structured (csv, text), semi-structured (xml, logs) and unstructured data (video, images, audio files) etc.

-          Object storage is a regional service and is not tied to any specific compute instance.


-          You can access oracle storage data from anywhere inside or outside of the Oracle cloud. However, internet connection is required.

Get All 141 1z0-337 Certification Questions based on latest updated syllabus.


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