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The contents of the raw data file EMPLOYEE are listed below:


Ruth 39 11

Jose 32 22

Sue 30 33

John 40 44

The following SAS program is submitted:

data test;

infile 'employee';

input employee_name $ 1-4;

if employee_name = 'Ruth' then input idnum 10-11;

else input age 7-8;


Which one of the following values does the variable IDNUM contain when the name of the employee is "Ruth"?

1. 11

2. 22

3. 32

4. . (missing numeric value)

Correct Answer : 2

Exp: This is a free listing format and the cursor moves to the second record and picks up 22. if you run the program as it is the answer should be and is '2' but if you change the position of idnum to 9-10, then the answer is 22.

As the pointer moves to next column when its checks the condition....

The output would be

employee_name idnum age

Ruth 22 .

Sue . 0(the zero value is of John age 40)


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