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Question 8 : The contents of the raw data file NAMENUM are listed below:
Joe xx
The following SAS program is submitted:
data test;
infile 'namenum';
input name $ number;
Which one of the following is the value of the NUMBER variable?
1.    xx
2.    Joe
3.    . (missing numeric value)
4.     The value can not be determined as the program fails to execute due to errors.
Correct Answer : 3
 Exp : missing value, since a numeric value is expected for the variable been read, and a character value was found.
You have given name as character and there was no delimiter means default space will be used as delimiter here. So name will read Joe and number is expecting numeric value but it reads xx, so number is set to missing.
SAS encounters character data for numeric data and sets _error_=1. However, SAS still runs the code and generates an list file with name=Jeo and number is set to a missing value.

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