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Question 6 : The following SAS program is submitted:
data test;
set sasuser.employees;
if 2 le years_service le 10 then
amount = 1000;
else if years_service gt 10 then
amount = 2000;
amount = 0;
amount_per_year = years_service / amount;
Which one of the following values does the variable AMOUNT_PER_YEAR contain if an employee has been with the company for
one year?
1.   0
2.   1000
3.   2000
4.   . (missing numeric value)
Correct Answer : 4
Exp : The Answer will be 4 as amount will be 0 and the per_year should be calculated only if amount ne 0. Assuming the variable name are valid.
For variable names only, SAS remembers the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters that you use when you create the variable name. Internally, the case of letters does not matter. "CAT," "cat," and "Cat" all represent the same variable. But for presentation purposes, SAS remembers the initial case of each letter and uses it to represent the variable name when printing it.
The variable length is not a problem, it can be more than 8 chars. Variable name is not a problem,
1. Since division by zero, Mathematical operations could not be performed
2. The results of the operations have been set to missing values

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