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Question 6 : You work as a Software Developer at The company has a Microsoft Azure subscription. You have an application hosted on Azure. The application is used by users in company depots and distribution centers for ordering stock items. The company uses small suppliers and large suppliers. When an order is placed, a company will accept the order. Orders for large quantities should go to large suppliers only. Orders for small quantities should go to all suppliers. Which Azure Service Bus service should you use for the application?

1.     Notification Hub

2.      Relay

3.     Queue

4.       Topics

Correct Answer 4 : Exp :  Design and implement a communication strategy

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a hosted infrastructure service that provides multi-tenant services for communications between applications. It supports service publishing, communication, and distribution of events at scale. Core scenarios for Service Bus features include:

Image Relays Expose secure endpoints for synchronous calls to service endpoints across a network boundary, for example to expose on-premises resources to a remote client Image Queues Implement brokered messaging patterns where the message sender can deliver a message even if the receiver is temporarily offline Image Topics and subscriptions Implement publish and subscribe patterns where messages can be received by more than one receiver (subscriber) Image Event hubs Implement scenarios where receivers choose events to register for, to support high-volume message processing at scale Image Notification hubs Push notifications to mobile devices

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