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Question : Can you please let me know, what is the common mistakes people are doing in CCA175 real exam? Which i can avoid and well prepared for that.

AnswerCommon mistake in Sqoop: People use connector as localhost which is wrong, you have to use full name instead of localhost (Avoid wasting your time). Use given hostname

Big Mistake: Avoid accidently deleting your data: good practice is necessary to avoid such mistakes. (Once you delete or drop hive table, you have to create it entirely once again.) Same is instructed by during their videos session provided at (Please go through sample sessions)


So please If you starting from scratch or having little knowledge than i suggest you please use below package provided by 

Link to Page 

  1. Spark Professioanl  Training. with HadnsOn Session 
  2. Hadoop Professioanl Training with HandsOn Session 
  3. CCA175  Spark and Hadoop Developer Certifications 

If you have good knowledge than you can consider only third product listed above. Which will give you 95 Solved Scenarios. Which you can practice using CLoudera QuickStart VM.

Once you successfully solved above problems, you can clear the exam.


See next Questions about more detail.

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