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CCA175 : Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Developer certifications tips, suggestions and feedback.  (PDF link)

1. Preparation:  I have gone through all the CCA175 Questions and practice the code provided by  Thanks for your questions and code content. The content was excellent and it helped me a lot. (Especially I have gone through all the Spark Professional training module as well)

2. No. Of Questions: Generally you will get 10 questions in real exam:  Topic will be coverings are Sqoop, Hive, Pyspark and Scala and avro-tools to extract schema (All questions are covered in CCA175 Certification Simulator).

3. Code Snippets: will be provided for Pyspark and Scala. You have to edit the snippets accordingly as per the problem statement.

4. Real Exam Environment:  Gateway node will be accessible for execution of the problems during the exam. Keep in mind there will not be any on-screen timer available during the exam. You have to keep asking for the time left. There are three sections for each problem i.e.
  • Instructions
  • Data Set
  • Output Requirements.
  • Please go through all the three sections carefully before start developing the code.
  • Note:  If you started developing code right after looking at the Instruction part of the question, then later you will realized the exact details of the table like name of the table and HDFS directory are also mentioned. This can waste your time if have to redo the code or might as well cost you a question.
5.       Editor: nano, gedit are not available. So if you have to edit any code snippets, you have to use vi alone. Please make yourself familiar with vi editor if you are not. 

6.       Fill in blanks: You dont have to write entire code for Python and Scala for Apache Spark, generally they will ask you to do fill in the blanks.

7.       Flume: Very few questions on flume.

8.       Difficulty Level: If you have enough knowledge, you will feel exam is quite easy.  The questions were logically easy and can be answered in the first attempt if you read the question carefully (all three sections).

9.       Common mistake in Sqoop: People use connector as localhost which is wrong, you have to use full name instead of localhost (Avoid wasting your time). Use given hostname

10.   Hive: Have initial knowledge of hive as well. 

11.   Spark: Using basic transform functions to get desired output. For instance filter according particular scenario, sorting and ranking etc.

12.   Avro-tool : avro-tool to get schema of avro file. (Very nicely covered in CCA175 Simulator)

13.   Big Mistake: Avoid accidently deleting your data: good practice is necessary to avoid such mistakes. (Once you delete or drop hive table, you have to create it entirely once again.) Same is instructed by during their videos session provided at (Please go through sample sessions)

14.   Spark-sql: They will not ask questions based on Spark Sql learn importantly aggregate, reduce, sort. 

15.   Time management: It is very important, (That’s the reason you need too much practice, use CCA175 simulator to practice all the questions at least a week or two before your real exam).

16.   Data sets in real exam is quite larger, hence it will take 2 to 5 mins for execution.

17.   Attempts:  try to attempt all questions at least 9/10, hence you must be able to score 70%.

18.   File format: In most of questions there was tab delimited file to process.

19.   Python or Scala: You will get a preloaded python or scala file to work with, so you don't have a choice whether you want to attempt a question via scala or pyspark. (I have gone through all the Video sessions provided by here 

20.   Connection Issue: If you got disconnected during exam, you may need to contact the proctor immediately. If he/she is not available log back into and use their online help. 

21.   Shell scripts: Have good experience to use shell scripts.

22.   Question types as mentioned in syllabus : Questions were from Sqoop(import and export), Hive(table creation and dynamic partitioning), Pyspark and Scala(Joining, sorting and filtering data), avro-tools. Snippets of code will be provided for Pyspark and Scala. You have to edit the snippets accordingly as per the problem statement and can the script file(which is another file apart from snippet) to get the results.

23.   Overall exam is easy, but require lot of practice to complete on time and for accurate solutions of the problem. Hence go through the all below material for CCA175 (It will not take more than a month, if you are new and already know the Spark and Hadoop then 2-3 weeks are good enough.

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+1 # Vinod Patil 2016-07-09 07:54
Thanks for sharing. It was very helpful.I cleared my exam with 10/10. I followed following material

1. CCA175 Simulator
2. Apache Spark Training.

As i already know Scala, Hive and Pig. So considered these two products from and completed my certfication in just 30 days.

Thanks a lot
0 # Jatin 2016-07-31 11:45
Hey Congrats,

Do you mind telling about the how difficult are the wuestions or which material is enough to crack it

0 # Raj Shah 2016-07-09 08:30
great material from , very well organized and quality material. I recommend becuase they are providing

1. 100% relevant material
2. Very smooth learning using their videos (simply superb..)
3. Very well organized.
4. Low cost
5. Best thing about them is regular updates on product. Pay only once and get regular updates without any cost..

6. And you follow material you will get success in lesser time for sure.