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Question 6 : Identify the tool best suited to import a portion of a relational database every day as files into HDFS, and generate Java classes to interact with that imported data?

1.      Oozie

2.      Flume

3.      Pig

4.      Hue

5.      Sqoop

Ans : 5


Exp :Sqoop ("SQL-to-Hadoop") is a straightforward command-line tool with the following capabilities:

Imports individual tables or entire databases to files in HDFS Generates Java classes to allow you to interact

with your imported data Provides the ability to import from SQL databases straight into your Hive data




Data Movement Between Hadoop and Relational Databases

Data can be moved between Hadoop and a relational database as a bulk data transfer, or relational tables can

be accessed from within a MapReduce map function.



* Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop provides a bulk data transfer tool (i.e., Sqoop) that imports individual

tables or entire databases into HDFS files. The tool also generates Java classes that support interaction with

the imported data. Sqoop supports all relational databases over JDBC, and Quest Software provides a

connector (i.e., OraOop) that has been optimized for access to data residing in Oracle databases.