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Question 21: What is SIB (Service Endpoint Bean)?

Answer: It is an implementation of SEI. It can be anything from below.

-          A POJO class such as annotated as @WebService and encapsulating service operations, each annotated as a @WebMethod.

-          A @Stateless Session EJB or Singleton EJB that is likewise annotated as a @WebService. EJBs in general predate JAX-WS.  

Question 22: Can SEI and SIB in a single JAVA file?

Answer: Yes.

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Question 23: What is the use of wsimport utility?

Answer: Java SDK comes with wsimport utility, this utility helps in creating Java classes based on WSDL. The wsimport utility eases the task of writing a Java client against a service that has a WSDL as the service contract. This utility has a client-side focus

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Question 24: What is the purpose of utility class wgen, which comes as part of SDK?

Answer: This utility has server side focus, and can be used to create WSDL (WebService contract) using Java classes.

Question 25: Who creates the SOAP messages, when interaction happens between server and client WebService?

Answer: the SOAP is completely transparent. The underlying SOAP libraries generate the SOAP on the sending side and parse the SOAP on the receiving side so that the Java code on both sides can remain agnostic about what type of payload is being sent and received.

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Question 26: What is the WSDL?

Answer: It is the contract or you can say that using this document you can find what is the interface of the WebService. Which all operations are provided by WebService and what all input and outputs are expected by WebService operations?

Question 27: In WSDL, which section defines the service interface?

Answer: portType

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Question 28. Can SOAP based WebService use another transport like SMTP or TCP?

Answer: Yes

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Question 29: In which if the WebService style, WSDL type section will always has XML schema document?

Answer: When you define Document style for WebService, then it will always generates the XML schema document (separate URL) in WSDL. In RPC style all the datatypes will be embedded in same WSDL document. Document style is the default one.

Java WebService Trainings and Java WebService Certification (1Z0-897)

Question 30: What do you mean by contract first in WebService?

Answer: Contract first, means first define the contract between server and client. And JAX-WS WebService you can define the contract using WSDL document. It means you are defining interface for the WebService. Rather than actually implementing or coding the WebService first, create a WSDL document and share the same with client, so you can say you have finalized the contract using WSDL.