Correct steps 
totalScore = foreach groupedScore generate SUM(memberScore.spend1 + memberScore.spend2); -- This will through error.
memberExpense1 = foreach memberExpense generate email, spend1 + spend2 as rowLevelExpense;
describe memberExpense1 ;
memberExpense1: {email: chararray,rowLevelExpense: int}
groupedData = group memberExpense1 by email;
describe groupedData ;
groupedData: {group: chararray,memberExpense1: {(email: chararray,rowLevelExpense: int)}}
totalExpense = foreach groupedData generate SUM(memberExpense1.rowLevelExpense);
describe totalExpense ;
totalExpense: {long}
Example 8 : Nested FOREACH statements to solved same problem. (HandsOn)  

memberScore = load '/user/cloudera/HEPig/handson11/module11Score.txt' USING PigStorage('|') as (email:chararray, spend1:int, spend2:int);
DESCRIBE memberScore;
memberScore: {email: chararray,spend1: int,spend2: int}
groupedScore = group memberScore by email; -- produces bag memberScore containing all the records for a given value of email
DESCRIBE groupedScore;
groupedScore: {group: chararray,memberScore: {(email: chararray,spend1: int,spend2: int)}}
result = foreach groupedScore {
  individualScore = foreach memberScore generate (spend1+spend2);--it will iterate only over the records of memberScore bag
    generate group, SUM(individualScore);
dump result;
describe result;
result: {group: chararray,long}