Q12. You have been working with a retail company to bring their store to online, they are very popular offline store with a global chain. As soon as they come online, they are expecting a huge customer base. Now, you need to implement database solutions, where user’s sessions and profile can be stored for millions of users and with the high performance. Which of the following is best choice for this requirement?

A.      You will be creating Amazon RDS instance for Aurora based database, which is optimized MySQL DB from Amazon.

B.      You will be using Amazon Redshift for given requirement,

C.      You will be using Amazon DynamoDB

D.      You will consider using AWS S3 Standard-IA storage

Ans: C

Exp: In the given requirement, application should support millions of sessions at a time. And each session is specific to a user. So you will be considering key/value solution. Where user id will be key and its session as value. And best key/value solution is provided by Amazon is DynamoDB. It is a key/value store and highly performant database.


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