Q8. You have been working with an e-commerce company, which has its data stored in AWS RDS database. You are at the last stage of productionizing this solution. For resiliency you have enabled multi-Az deployment. Now, your chief architect asked you that have you done testing for failover or assumed it will work. Certainly, you should not assume it will work, you have to test for every scenario your solution. What will you do to test failover for given scenario?

A.      As this is about stopping primary DB instance in one of the availability zone. Hence, you need to raise support ticket to stop the primary RDS instance.

B.      You have to stop Secondary DB instance, as this does not require AWS support ticket. You can stop that and test the given scenario.

C.      You will be stopping primary database and your application will be pointing to new database instance, without knowing it’s switched in background.

D.      This scenario practically cannot be tested, as required entire datacenter to bring down.

Ans: C


Exp: While studying this scenario, we can say that there is a requirement for having failover tested for RDS. As you know, when RDS is enabled for Multi-AZ deployment. You will have primary and secondary databases. However, your entire read and write operation happens from primary database only. Hence, bringing down the secondary database will not help in anyway. So you need to bring down primary database to test your requirement and no point of stopping secondary database. Yes, you can stop the primary database without the AWS intervene. In this case option 3 will be correct. 


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