Q3. You are working with a IT Technology blogging company named QuickTechie Inc. They have huge number of blogs on various technologies. They have their infrastructure developed in AWS, using EC2 and MYSQL database, installed on the same EC2 instance locally. And your chief architect informed that there are some performance issues with this architect and as you know this is not a resilient solution. To solve this problem, you suggested using RDS with Multi-AZ deployment, which solves the resilient requirement. Now, with regards to performance, you have been informed that 99% time blogging site is accessed for reading the blogs and hardly for 1 % wring and updating the blogs. Which of the following option will help you to increase the performance in given scenario?

A. As you have Multi-AZ deployment so that start writing to secondary copy whenever blog is created or updated.

B. You should have Multi-AZ deployment and all the write should go to the primary database and read from the secondary database.

C. You should have read replicas, where you should send all the read traffic to read replicas.

D. You should have used NoSQL database, as they are good fit for blogging solutions.

Ans: C

Exp: What is the requirement in given scenario? Ans: It is read heavy blogging site and you should have used existing applications. Hence, changing the database technology is big work, you need to change your software solution. Hence, we should not change the storage technologies. So replacing MySQL with NoSQL solution is not recommended in this case.


Beast solution for having heavy read is , use read replicas. Where you’re all the reads should go to read replicas and whenever write happens you should be considering to use primary DB. So you should be able to understand the differences between Multi-AZ deployment with primary and secondary DB. And where you should consider using read replicas. 

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