Q2. You are working with the Arinika Bank, which already have their in house datacenter and entire IT and its banking is handled in that. You have been recently hired for their new investment to develop mobile wallet. Also, it is decided to use AWS cloud and services provided by AWS cloud. You have been asked to have commenting solutions implemented, where for each wallet transaction, user can send message and comment on it. These comments and messages should be visible both the parties between transaction happened. Which of the following best suited for storing these messages and comments?

A. You should have used Amazon RDS

B. You should have used Amazon Redshift

C. You should have used Amazon DynamoDB

D. You should have used Amazon S3 or RRS

E. Use custom installed Oracle DB in private subnet with BYOD


Ans: To understand these problem requirement, we need to store messages and comments. This is the non-transactional data. So, for sure we don’t need RDBMS for this purpose, however we can use RDBMS. But it’s not necessary. The better solutions for storing comments and messages, you should consider NOSQL database. Here, only NoSQL database in options are DynamoDB. 

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