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1.    Allows receiving a combined view of charges incurred by all the associated accounts as well as each of the accounts.

2.    This account is strictly an accounting and billing feature.

3.    This is not a method for controlling accounts, or provisioning resources for accounts.

4.    Payer account cannot access data belonging to the linked account owners

5.    However, access to the Payer account users can be granted through Cross Account Access roles

6.    Volume Pricing Discounts

o   For billing purposes, AWS treats all the accounts on the consolidated bill as if they were one account.

o   AWS combines the usage from all accounts to determine which volume pricing tiers to apply, giving you a lower overall price whenever possible.

7.    Linked accounts receive the cost benefit from other’s Reserved Instances only if instances are launched in the same Availability Zone where the Reserved Instances were purchased

8.    Capacity reservation only applies to the product platform, instance type, and Availability Zone specified in the purchase

·         For e.g., Amit and Rakesh each have an account on Amit’s consolidated bill. Rakesh has 5 Reserved Instances of the same type, and Amit has none. During one particular hour, Rakesh uses 3 instances and Amit uses 6, for a total of 9 instances used on Amit’s consolidated bill. AWS will bill 5 as Reserved Instances, and the remaining 4 as normal instances.

9.    Paying account should be used solely for billing purposes

10. Master (Payee) account can view only the AWS billing details of the linked accounts

11. Any single instance from all the three accounts can get the benefit of AWS RI pricing if they are running in the same zone and are of the same size

12. The payee account will send a request to the linked account to be a part of consolidated billing.