Hurry! Win the AWS certification Practice Pack worth $550, by just proving your AWS knowledge. Don’t wait... do it before contest closes.

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Terms and Condition

1. You have to answer all 40 Questions from the below AWS Questions  

2. Please provide all the answers in the comment section (Your answer will be visible to public, however does not impact your score, if someone copy. Anyone can validate your answer).

3. To validate your answer please provide explanation or exact reference of AWS doc.

3. You should be able to provide correct answers at least 90%

5. There is no limit for the entries, anyone can win this until this contest is closed (Not intend to close).

6. Winner will get following 4 products (if they provide 90% correct answers with explanation, our tech team will validate your answers) 

  • 500+ Practice Questions for Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect : Associate Level   
  • 144+ Practice Questions for Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect : Professional Level
  • 349 Questions Practice Questions for Amazon AWS Certified Devloper : Associate Level
  • 374 Questions Practice Questions for Amazon AWS Certified Sysops Administrator : Associate Level

7. There is 15 days time limit (from the day you start commenting), you can answer these questions in multiple days (maximum of 15 days)

8. All rights are reserved by

You have no rights to post comments


+1 # rameshwar 2015-08-25 22:28
I would like to receive to atempt both the associate and professional level for AWS
+5 # Laurentiu V 2016-03-24 18:35
Just answered all 40 questions. Can yo provide a score and what answers i got wrong?

Thank you.
0 # 2016-07-20 21:13
Many congratulations to Laurentiu V, on completing all 40 questions answered with explanation. He scored more than 80% out of 40 questions.

As a winner , he has been awarded all 4 AWS certification simulator for without any fee. It is requested from Laurentiu V, please acknowledge the same and comment.

This challange was open for almost 6 months. We got very good response. Soon we will launch similar challenge.

0 # Laurentiu V 2016-07-20 21:37
Thanks for the package guys, was a good opportunity to test my knowledge and improve on it. The questions were quite challenging and not so easy. The training package is nice and informative, and i hope it will help my efforts in following AWS certifications.

I would recommend the training package for someone who wants to learn and test for the certifications.

Thanks for the opportunity guys, you're the best :)